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Are you looking for the perfect Las Vegas wedding? We can bring your dreams to life!

With just a bit of information from you, we get hotels and resorts to bid for your Las Vegas wedding! Why waste your time contacting one venue after another? We’ll do the work for you! By letting hotels and resorts compete to host your wedding, we get you the best value out there. Read on for more or complete the form below and we’ll get back to you with options that will fulfill your wedding dreams.

Flowers, menus, music, decoration, photography, there’s a great deal that goes into planning a wedding. It can seem overwhelming and quickly become stressful and exhausting. But your engagement is a time to be cherished. So leave the details to us and a wedding coordinator at the venue we help you find. It’s your wedding so you’ll still have decisions to make but that’s the fun part! And a Las Vegas wedding should definitely be fun.

Whether you’re looking for romance, excitement, or a bit of both, the staff at Bid 4 My Las Vegas Wedding can help you plan your dream wedding. Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s most beautiful hotels and we can get them bidding for your wedding. Saving you time, energy, and money. 

You want your wedding to be special but you don't want to leave money on the table. We'll work with you to help bring costs down while ensuring you get the wedding you want. Sometimes even the smallest shifts can save you a surprising amount of money and we know where to look for those. The more flexible you are, the more likely it is we can save you money. We're working with many Las Vegas properties, each one eager to host your wedding. Let us help you get the best deals out there.

If you want a Las Vegas wedding to remember with minimal stress and great value, look no further. Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with wedding options tailored just for you.

When is the best time of year for a Las Vegas wedding?

The weather in Las Vegas is generally good year round. But if you’d like an outdoor ceremony or reception, there are some things to consider. Summers are almost always HOT and spring can be windy. Experience tells us that September and October are the best months for outdoor weddings in Las Vegas. And, obviously, any time of year is a great time for an indoor Las Vegas wedding!


How do you save us money?

We know the industry and the right questions to ask. We’ll always keep your preferences and desires in mind but we’ll ask how flexible you are. If we see that hotel demand and prices are lower a week before or after your ideal date, we want to give you that option. If you’re open to a weekday wedding, we’ll look into saving you money that way. By keeping our fingers on the pulse of the action and knowing how to navigate the Las Vegas market, we work with your needs to find some of the best deals around.

Can you help me plan my wedding, or just book my travel? Will there be a wedding coordinator at the resort?

All of the resorts and hotels we work with have seasoned and professional wedding coordinators, there to walk you through every step of planning your dream destination wedding. Here at Bid 4 My Las Vegas Wedding, we’ll work with you and the resort that you choose to ensure that every last detail is taken care of and you get the perfect wedding you want and deserve!

How does Bid 4 My Las Vegas Wedding Work?

To start, you provide us with information about your wedding: when you want to get married, how big a wedding you’re planning, what resorts you’re interested in, and a bit more. Then we turn to the hotels. While you’re enjoying the wonderful time that is your engagement, we get venues to bid for your big day. We get their best deals, prices, and most importantly, value. We make the process easy for couples who work with us.

We’ll help with travel arrangements to Las Vegas for you, your wedding party, and guests. And if you’re planning a honeymoon beyond Las Vegas, we can help with that, too!

What is included in the costs? Are packages all-inclusive or à la carte?

Each resort we work with includes different elements in their pricing. Each bid we present to you will include a full breakdown showing what’s included and at what cost. Your wedding is unique to you and we’ll work with you to find a venue that can make your dream a reality.

Can I choose an indoor or outdoor ceremony or reception?

Of course! Many venues in Las Vegas have multiple options from which to choose. Let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll get bids that reflect your vision.

What resorts and hotels do you work with?

These aren’t drive-thru Las Vegas weddings we do here! We work with some of the finest hotels on the Strip including ….. And many more. If there’s one in particular you’re dreaming of, let us know!

What sort of deposits are there? When are payments due?

A deposit is typically due when you accept a bid and final payments are usually required 90 days before the wedding.         

What fees does Bid 4 My Las Vegas Wedding charge?

All costs and fees for the wedding venue you select are included in the final bid you approve. We don’t add any charges. For travel arrangements, there may be additional fees but this depends on what you decide to book. Whatever you choose to do, we’re here to get you the best value for your money.

Why should I have my wedding in Las Vegas?

Glamour, glitz, excitement, romance, FUN! Couples have flocked to Las Vegas to tie the knot for generations. And for good reason. This is a town that knows how to throw a party and how to make a wedding fabulous. Imagine the romance of posing for photos in front of the Eiffel Tower and Venetian canals; dining in restaurants run by world-renowned chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagasse; luxuriating in a couple’s massage inside an oasis of a spa; the thrill of taking in a star-studded show or dancing until dawn in one of the city’s hottest clubs. Las Vegas is a place like no other and a Las Vegas wedding is one you and your guests will never forget!

Want some inspiration? Check out this page for ideas of unique Las Vegas weddings. But don’t limit yourself to what’s on the page, this is YOUR special day!

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