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Bid 4 My Destination wedding is a new spin on destination weddings where resorts bid for your business.

Give us the details of your dream destination wedding and we will present you with options and pricing from resorts that fit your criteria for the perfect destination wedding. With Bid 4 My Destination Wedding resorts will be competing for your business. Making the wedding planning the easiest part of your big day. We offer you the lowest and best rates available that match your dreams for your destination wedding.

More and more people are opting for destination weddings because they are a way to be able to enjoy the wedding of your dreams without having to worry about all the details. Planning a traditional wedding means coordinating hundreds of small details, but with Bid 4 My Destination Wedding you will have a single point of contact for your entire destination wedding planning needs. There are hundreds of options for destination weddings, don’t fret over the details any longer. With Bid 4 My Destination Wedding the options will come to you providing the perfect setting for the happiest day of your life.
When you use Bid 4 My Destination Wedding you will be receiving options in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet, all while you sit back and let those resorts bid for your business. Whether you like tropical locations or ocean views, here at Bid 4 My Destination Wedding we are here to make those dreams a simplistic reality.

Can you help me plan my wedding, or just book my travel? Will there be a wedding coordinator at the resort?
All resorts we work with provide a wedding coordinator that will walk you through every step of your destination wedding process. Once you choose the resort that is right for you everything will be handled with ease between the wedding coordinator and us here with Bid 4 My Destination Wedding.

How does Bid 4 My Destination Wedding work?
With Bid 4 My Destination Wedding you will provide us with your information, when you want to get married, what resorts you’re interested in and we take your information to the hotels. While you are enjoying your engagement these hotels will be providing us with the best pricing and deals bidding for YOUR business. That’s right. We make this process easy and relaxed for our couples. The hotels are bidding for your business, which results in the best and lowest prices for you.

What is all included in the costs? Are packages all inclusive or ala carte?
All the costs and package that we provide will be unique to the hotels. When we present you with the hotels who are bidding for your business a list of costs and what is included will be provided. Each resort is different in what they include.

Are there multiple ceremony locations at the resort (indoor/outdoor)?
Most resorts do have multiple locations options for your upcoming destination wedding. This will be another component that will impact pricing and will be presented to you.

When is the deposit/final payment due?
Typically the deposit is due upon acceptance of the bid, and final payment are due about 90 days out.