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Raj Goyal

(847) 966-7788


Airfare Expert

Raj has known the travel industry for 50 years, since his parents started Shama Travel in 1967. After earning a B.S. in Finance from NIU in 1978, Raj joined the family business. Together with his wife, Savita, he has managed the company for the last 40 years and raised three successful children. As Raj will tell you, he’s a family man first and foremost.

Throughout his career, Raj has heard one question more than any other: “When should I buy my flight and book my trip?” Getting a good deal on airfare is no easy task. Especially if you want to avoid long layovers or flying at odd times. Raj has spent his career learning the ins and outs of airfare. He knows the tricks and has the connections to find fares that others can’t. His answer to that question: “the moment you know the dates are final as change fees are expensive. Set your dates and call me.”

If you don’t want to waste precious vacation time in the airport waiting for your connecting flight and you want to travel on your ideal dates without overspending, contact Raj. He specializes in finding low airfares during holidays, spring break, and peak travel periods. Call him to see the difference it makes having an airfare expert on your side.